A/B Testing is a ubiquitous term in the online retail industry. The concept is now a standard practice that almost all e-commerce companies use to better understand their customers and improve their offering. But can brick-and-mortar stores use it too?

Like the layout of an e-commerce website, the layout of a brick-and-mortar store also has a significant effect on shoppers. It determines the way traffic flows through the establishment. Research also indicates that stores that are laid out well have better sales conversions. However, for brick-and-mortar retailers, conducting similar experiments has often been a challenge due to lack of data. For example, there was no way to obtain data such as views on a promotional banner, views on a product, customer movement, traffic patterns, time spent near a shelf/aisle, etc. These factors limited the scope of an experiment to tracking sales, profits, and inventory levels.

In-store traffic data enabled by IoT can change this scenario. Download this whitepaper to understand how experimentation and in-store data can help retailers enhance store operations and customers experience.

Download this whitepaper to understand how business experimentation and IoT data can help retailers to enhance store and customers experience.

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